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A Street Address or PO Box Forwarding Service ??

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Offshore Mailing Addresses - Some offshore maildrop address companies will tell you a PO mailbox is more secure than a street mailing address (because the mailman's spying on you). They must think you're naive!

Where's the added security when the person delivering to your street maildrop address and the person putting the mail in your Post Office mailbox normally work for the same mail service, and often are the same person ??

On the other hand, we do know from our extensive online & retail business experience that:

FACT 1: Many companies and potential clients won't deal with a business (or person) they believe is disguising their true identity by hiding behind a PO Box maildrop address

FACT 2: Most courier companies won't deliver to a forwarding service with a PO Box maildrop address.

So what's best for you ?? ... Obviously it depends on your circumstances ... that's why we supply you with a completely interchangeable Street & PO box private maildrop address (at no extra charge), and you simply choose which address suits your particular needs at a given time.

And what about PRIVACY ??

FACT 3: Many countries don't even enforce copyright laws. Do you really expect them to have laws that protect you and your individual privacy ?

FACT 4: Recently introduced privacy laws in Australia are amongst the world's strongest with heavy fines and prison sentences as a deterrent.

So where would you rather do business ? ... in a country that has little or no protective law, or in a country with strong privacy laws (and a stable & secure form of democratic government) ??

FACT 5: Our business is owner-operated, and the owners are respected members of the Chamber of Commerce. The owners each have over 20 years documented experience in business, airlines, and military communications.

In Australia, we have a saying "put your money where your mouth is", and we do that every day by stating we're the BEST, and we prove it with our Exclusive No-Risk Moneyback GUARANTEE.

FACT 6: A company that doesn't offer a moneyback guarantee is expecting YOU to take the risks, and they certainly don't show any confidence in being able to satisfy your needs.

FACT 7: Our business motto is: "If for any reason we do it wrong, we will make it right - WITHOUT QUESTION"!

We look forward to serving you ... Please pay us a visit at: Strictly Confidential Offshore Maildrop Address & Forwarding Service, and check our Testimonials at: Mail and Parcel Fowarding and Redirection to read what our Clients say about us!

Don't forget: Our "No Risk" MONEYBACK GUARANTEE provides you with complete security & peace of mind